That primitive feeling of offering a rewarding meal after a day well spent, still lingers over the very essence of Untamed. Continuously serving the healthy and Adventurous side of the day.

How it all started...

About Us
The Untamed story began with a vision—to create the healthiest restaurant brand with a menu that caters to every lifestyle. It took years of CrossFit workouts, marathons, and adventures for the full Untamed mission to take shape in the mind of our founder, Alex Harrington.
Alex’s journey into healthy living started early, competing in triathlons, playing golf, and running ultramarathons in high school. Even in college, he skipped traditional spring breaks for snowshoe marathons in Vermont. As his life evolved, the dream of building a robust community around a health and wellness restaurant brand became an obsession.
In 2021, Alex decided it was time to turn this dream into a reality. He assembled a team that shared his vision for a restaurant brand that focused on wellness, longevity, and deliciousness—without compromise. Collaborating with brand-building expert Dave Nelson from Secret Penguin and Chef Clayton Chapman from the Grey Plume, the foundation was set.
After extensive testing and feedback from local chefs, CrossFit trainers, and nutritionists, we’re proud to present Untamed Kitchen. Our prototype location, number 001, is situated in downtown Omaha’s business district, where we’re committed to providing the best in healthy and sustainable dining.
At Untamed Kitchen, we believe the world doesn’t need more restaurants; it needs better and healthier ones. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a healthier and more delicious future.‍

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Our Leadership Team

Alex Harrington, Founder and CEO
Alex Harrington is the visionary founder and CEO of Untamed Kitchen. With a passion for healthy eating, fitness, adventure, and sustainability, Alex has led the organization from its inception to becoming a prominent player in the healthy fast food market.
As the owner and CEO of Pickleman’s Gourmet Sandwiches in Omaha, Nebraska, Alex has an impressive track record in the industry, with a focus on operational efficiency, strategic planning, and fostering a culture of innovation.
Outside of his professional endeavors, Alex enjoys traveling with his wife, Catherine, and two sons, Graham and Henry, finding balance and inspiration that further fuels his commitment to promoting healthy and sustainable living.

Clayton Chapman, Co-Founder and COO
Clayton Chapman is a five-time James Beard nominee who owned and operated the ‘Greenest Restaurant in America’ for 10 years before aligning with Alex’s vision to bring a healthy fast food concept to life.
Drawing on his extensive background in operations management, Clayton has been instrumental in optimizing our supply chain, streamlining processes, and implementing best practices that align with our commitment to intentional food sourcing and sustainable practices.
Outside of work, Clayton strengthens his mind, body, and soul through the interactive curiosity of his children, training at the gym, and energy work with his life partner, Heather.